Stupid Hillbilly

The Briton, the Canadian, and the hillbilly were all washed ashore on an uncharted island. The only food and drink came from coconuts, and after several days they began to despair.

One morning , however, a lantern washed ashore, and the Briton picked it up.More despairing than hopeful, he rubbed it; Out came a genie, who promised to give each of the men one wish.

His eyes wide with thanksgiving, the Briton said, “I wish I was back at my cottage at Ipswich!”

The genie snapped his fingers, and the Briton was gone.

The Canadian said, “I wish I was back at my home in Gananoque!”

The genie snapped his fingers and the Canadian was gone.

Looking around the hillbilly began to weep.

“I–I’m so lonely,” he wailed, “I wish the other two guys were back.” 

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